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Tips on How to Be A Good Top

Technically, anyone who can maintain their intensity can be a top. You don't want to be merely a hard cock entering bottom's openings, though. You have to be the type of top that bottoms want. Bottoms will message you about how they can't stop dreaming about the last time you fucked them.

We have some pointers on how to become an insatiable top.



Bottoming is more than just bargaining. Bottoms must be relaxed in order to have a pleasant time. That is why foreplay is so crucial! Before you ever penetrate him, take the time to treat your bottom. Pay attention to his body language and figure out what makes him happy. Communication is essential. Ask him what he wants. The exact thing he desires. This can result in some steamy dirty banter. Don't forget to complement him when they're telling you exactly what they want. Tell him how hot and sexual he makes you feel and how eager you are to penetrate him. 

Loosen and prepare him before you get inside him. You may loosen his asshole by either eating him or fingering him.



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Life is not a pornographic film! Finding someone and treating them like a pancake is not only impractical, but also extremely hurtful! Even if the bottom begs you to pound his a$$ till he sees stars, you must begin slowly.

Start by pressing the head against his hole and gradually and consistently push within him. It is preferable to go slowly rather than start, stop, and restart. Do not offer him your complete length on the first penetration if you are well hung.

Allow the bottom to adjust to the size of your cock initially. Save the extra inches until when he's ready for them. You'll know when your bottom is ready to accommodate your entire length. It will be a delightful surprise for you.

When your bottom is relaxed enough to take you completely, you might begin to accelerate and give it to him. Anal sex is more than just stuffing your dick inside a guy. A skilled top will experiment with the bottom. To make the bottom go wild, a good top will play with his cock, caress him, talk nasty to him, and suck his sweet spots.

Maintain it!

You are not have to go karma sutra and try every position available. Continue if it feels nice for both of you! You don't have to go overboard and fuck like rabbits! Maintaining a steady tempo and alternating between rapid and calm beats are beneficial. Remember not to get too carried away when banging away. You might end up cumming too soon. You want to attempt to hang on.

But it doesn't imply you have to keep going all night and for hours. Technique, not duration, is what makes for good sex. Pay close attention to him and discover his sweet spot. Pay attention to his facial expressions as you're fucking him. You'll be able to tell which location impacted his G Spot.

You'll understand! Don't forget to make yourself happy! Find out what makes you and him happy and keep doing it. Tell him to grasp your pecs if you want your nipples played with while you're fucking him! Making each other happy is the goal of sex. That is the key to being a good top.


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