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Tips for Cuffing Season

For those who don't know what cuffing season is, it is when people enter into partnerships (sexual or otherwise) for the colder months of the year. Typically, these relationships involve persons who are primarily non-committal, and they typically end in the spring. Winter is typically a time when individuals are less inclined to mingle, thus cuffing season provides companionship as a remedy. For some people, this might just be the one person they're fucking for the entire winter, while for others, it might be a charming little BF for the colder months to bring home to those usually dull family Christmas gatherings. In any case, we're going to go over some do's and don't s for the cuffing season today to make sure you know exactly what to do until the rains of April bring the blossoms of May.


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Do: Ensure if they are great fucks. Period.

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You'll need someone to get you warmed up in all the right ways. Make sure they are experienced if you plan on having just one person accompany you for the duration of the winter. Or perhaps you already know your companion for the cuffing season?
Perhaps you've already decided that this person will be your partner for the upcoming months and you're already friends with benefits. There won't be any unpleasant surprises in the bedroom, which is usually a plus.

Don’t: Ignore red flags!


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People might truly let their guard down when you spend a lot of time with them. When they do, it's critical to pay attention to how they interact with you and whether any warning signs emerge right away. Different red flags in relationships will individually set each person off. This may be based on prior interactions or relationships and may be a deal-breaker. I believe it's crucial to never disregard warning signs with someone you choose to spend time with, especially during the cuffing season. You don't want to spend the winter and the holidays with someone who doesn't share your energy levels because those can be such exciting times. What you need is a wonderful connection across all forms! Make sure they respect your boundaries by disclosing them openly. And you can be sure to show them the door if they disobey or disregard any of those rules.

Do: Choose Wisely…

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If you're going to have to really turn on your fussy side with one person for the winter appeals to you, choose someone who can properly meet all of your wants and with whom you can have a wonderful time. When selecting a partner of any kind, communication is crucial, and cuffing season prospects are no exception. It's crucial to understand what each party expects from the connection, no matter whether it's purely sexual or involves more. Discuss boundaries and expectations with one another, as was already mentioned.


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