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The Humiliation Kinks User's Manual

Everybody has embarrassing moments that make us cringe when we recall them. Whether it be tripping and falling in front of your high school crush, making a poor presentation, or even having a messy bottoming encounter. It turns out that not everyone views humiliation negatively. We'll give you the rundown on the fantastic world of the Humiliation Kinks today.

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 An individual becomes aroused by experiencing what they perceive to be humiliation in a humiliation kink, also known as humiliation play or humiliation kinks. This kink is up to the individual's perspective because what it means to be "humiliated" varies from person to person.

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 Verbal Humiliation

This might involve your lover calling you names while you're in bed. Again, it's subjective whether words or phrases turn your partner off. In Dom/Sub plays, nasty words and making fun of them are extremely common. Whether it's mild, like calling your partner a "little bitch," or more extreme. On the other hand, some people enjoy being shamed. Regardless of who does it.

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Some people enjoy receiving verbal humiliation in this way because it makes them feel inferior to someone who is, in their minds, "better" than them.

 Physical Degradation Forms.

With the humiliation kink, the submissive partner may occasionally be "punished" for not performing an action to their dominator's satisfaction. Licking a shoe, the floor, or something else as an example. This can progress further and spill over into other hobbies, such water sports (no pun intended). These degrading behaviors are not limited to the bedroom either.

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Like with any other kink, humiliation play should only take place between two consenting adults, and as always, boundaries must be established. Perhaps you don't mind being called a pitiful, useless being, but you don't mind being labeled a dumb slut? You know? It all comes down to how you feel.


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