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Be A Good Dom

Let's get one thing straight: we've all watched Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes, I'm referring to all of us. Even the fella who is saying, "It's simply not for me." All right, Dylan. Sure.

The mainstream media's interest with dom/sub pairings undoubtedly began in 2015, when Fifty Shades of Grey was published and dominated (no pun intended) the movie office.

The film was notable for not adequately portraying Dom and Sub relationships/culture at times. This topic will put emphasis on being a Dom in the bedroom, as opposed to the connection between a Dom and a Sub in public.

Here are a few pointers to help our sparkling Doms be the finest of the best.

What exactly does it mean to be a Dom?


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First, let me to serve some Webster reality. The act of having sexual domination is referred to as being a 'Dom.' A submissive is a sexual act of obedience to that Dom. Both couples' connection is engaging, exciting, and stimulating, and it may be equally pleasant for all parties involved.

Being a good, top-tier Dom necessitates following rules and understanding what it takes to gratify both parties.

 This sort of BDSM activity allows consenting individuals to explore their sexual desires and role-playing.

The concept of 'domming' is appealing to some people because it allows them to act in ways they fantasize about, which please them sexually and produce enjoyment from the unique Dom/Sub dynamic.

It's not just saying "Oh Mr. Grey" into someone's ear.

Consent is like, very sexy.

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In a Dom/Sub sexual relationship, consent is always the most crucial factor. A Dom should never compel their sub to perform something with which they disagree. The aim of being a good dom is not to use force. One prevalent misperception about domming is that it does not need emotional sensitivity.

A good dom will always create a sense of safety in which their sub may feel most comfortable being vulnerable. It is commonly assumed that in order to be the finest Dom, you must have at least one prior experience as a submissive.

This manner, the Dom can feel that unique job and relate to it, making their domming talents even more enjoyable. It is also critical for Doms to grasp nonverbal communication. It is critical that both parties understand each other's goals, needs, and restrictions prior to a Dom/Sub sexual interaction.

Better to be safe than sorry.


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This leads us to the use and significance of safe words. Even the most obedient individuals have boundaries. It is critical that a Dom and Sub communicate their safe words ahead of time to ensure that no boundaries are broken. Although a Dom is in a position of authority, this BDSM play still requires trust and agreement to function properly.

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